BILIMINAL is an immersive audiovisual experience offering ranges of undulating and vaporous atmospheres, on the border between the palpable and the elusive. The audience is immersed in a universe in constant tension, between meditative lullabies and chaotic explosions, where sound spatialization and immersive projections envelop and blur the fine line that separates reality from virtual space.

This experience explores the different ways in which the use of sound and visual material from a real source or inspired by reality can be deformed using algorithmic transformation systems, so as to reveal ethereal atmospheres whose various elements are bordering on the perceptible but vaguely reminiscent of their original form.

Experience designed for immersive domes (360)

> Society for Arts and Technology | September 6 - October 7, 2022

> Melbourne International Film Festival | August 5 and 12, 2023

> Dôme (Printemps numérique, PLAN*) | August 29, 2023 (short)

> FilmGate Miami Interactive Festival | November 30th, 2023

/ Nomination, Best of Earth Awards 2023

Visuals : Francis Drouin | Music: Alexandre Pariseau

* : Pôle lavallois d'enseignement supérieur en arts numériques et économie créative

Photo : Bruno Destombes



Interview with Society for Arts and Technology


Fulldome projection

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